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About the contest


We present the “Heritage Art Contest" to you from the Delta district,
the land of the living Chola temples. All you have to do is take out your canvas/papers and
paint your thoughts on the themes given by us and once you are done, mail it to us. 

A total prize money of
` 850,000 to be won!

It is all the more special because it is our  first edition!

TTBAC is a collaborative effort by the citizens of Thanjavur. Please visit the list of partners given


Logo story

Ganesh Logo copy.jpg

TTBAC logo reflects the spirit of Thanjavur District and the contest.

The silhouette is that of the magnificent  9th century Adi Kumbeswarar Temple in Kumbakonam, the town being named after the deity Adi Kumbeswarar a manifestation of Lord Shiva. To visit the Temple, click here

Ganesha, the god of auspicious beginnings; the patron of arts and sciences; the deva of intellect and wisdom; the remover of obstacles; the enabler of good luck; the patron of letters and learning during writing sessions, the scribe of the epic from Bharatiya itihasa, Mahabharata; oṃkārasvarūpa or the manifestation of the eternal chant “Om“; Ganesha has myriad representation as portrayed by painters, sculptors and artisans.

The leaves of the peepul tree also known as Ficus religiosa (Arasa maram) which has the symbolic meaning of Enlightenment and peace form the background as it has spiritual significance and therapeutic healing powers
The word Thanjavur contains the icon representing the Brihadisvara Temple (or Big Temple) in Thanjavur and it’s smaller replicas in Gangaikonda Cholapuram and Darasuram

Life in thanja.jpg

Themes are


Life in Thanjavur

Thanjavur has a rich history, having made a profound mark in performing arts, paintings, sculpture, architecture, agriculture, irrigation, Tamil cuisine including being the birthplace of the humble and ubiquitous Sambhar and so much more. The Cholas, who ruled from various capitals in the Delta region (as the cultural catchment area of Thanjavur is known), can claim stake to being amongst the longest reigning dynasties of Bharat, spanning over 16 centuries. Any art work that depicts anything pertaining to life in Thanjavur delta region, from any period, is welcome



While a Tamizhan needs no introduction to it, the Tirukkuṟaḷ (or kuṟaḷ) is a classic Tamil language text consisting of 1,330 short couplets, or kurals, of seven words each spanning, with timeless wisdom on virtue (aram), wealth (porul) and happiness (inbam). These couplets hold a wealth of meaning and is applicable in today’s life, two millennia later. An accurate translation of these kurals in the form of art will be beneficial to the visual learner and a coveted recognition for  the artist.

An art work, that is a depiction of one or more couplets, or kurals, including calligraphy, would be considered under this theme.

Indian Folk Art.jpg

Indian Performing Arts

India has a rich, diverse and ancient tradition of performing arts including 9 classical arts, over 140 folk arts and innumerable, undocumented ritualistic arts. The period of Mauryas, Cholas and Mughals to the British Empire has infused various performing arts in the society and these have evolved over the year. From the ancient Tamil Therukootru and Bharathanatyam to various folk dances to various musical instruments, the list is endless.

An art work that features any one or more of these performing arts, from any part of the country, would be considered under this theme


Indian Architectural Heritage

In the realm of sculpture, the Hindu chisel has never known a worthy competitor. Most of our history is chiselled in the walls of our temples and palaces and the ceilings have been covered by art.

An art work that celebrates any element of India glorious architectural heritage would be adjudged under this theme

75 Years copy.png

India @ 75

While the subcontinent’s civilisation is timeless, the Republic of India is in it’s 75th year of independence and 72nd year as a Republic. An art work that celebrates this monumental moment, with depictions of the past, present or future, would be classified under this theme


Categories & Prizes

Grand Prizes
(one prize across all categories combined)

  • Winner                   : ` 100,000/-

  • First runner-up     : `   75,000/-

  • Second runner-up : `   50,000/-

General Category: Prizes in Cash

Prizes for each of the five themes:

  • Winner                  : ` 25,000/-

  • First runner-up     : ` 20,000/-

  • Second runner-up : ` 15,000/-

Divyang: Prizes in Cash

Prizes for each of the five themes:

  • Winner                   : ` 15,000/-

  • First runner-up     : ` 10,000/-

  • Second runner-up : `   7,500/-

Junior: Prizes in Gift Vouchers from TI Cycles

Prizes for each of the five themes:

  • Winner                   : ` 15,000/-

  • First runner-up     : ` 10,000/-

  • Second runner-up : `   7,500/-

Sub-Junior: Prizes in Gift Vouchers from TI Cycles

Prizes for each of the five themes:

  • Winner                   : ` 15,000/-

  • First runner-up     : ` 10,000/-

  • Second runner-up : `   7,500/-

Other recognitions

  • Winners, First runner-ups & Second runner-ups receive a unique, custom-made trophy that will stand out
  • One hundred shortlisted participants in each Category & theme receive a “Certificate of Recognition”
  • All entries receive a “Certificate of Participation”
    as an e-Certificate on their email ID that can be downloaded
AWARD BG_3.jpg

Terms & Conditions

  • Competition is open for all, with original works only, in A3 size or above

  • 24 x 7 Online submission for Entry Form and payment of Entry Fees

  • Art works need to be physically submitted with a copy of the invoice e-mail to you. The artist name and theme needs to be recorded on the reverse.

  • Open to all age groups and nationalities, however we can receive and make payments in Indian Rupees and to bank accounts in India only

  • Upto 12 years (age proof required)

  • Over 12 years and upto 18 years (age proof required)

  • General category

  • Divyang category (proof or certification required)

  • Submit drawings, paintings, cartoons, doodles, sketches, posters, collage

  • Use any drawing or painting medium of your choice

  • Themes are:
    1. Life in Thanjavur
    3. Indian performing arts
    4. Indian architectural heritage
    5. India @ 75

  • Entry Fee : ` 200/ per submission. ` 100/  per submission for Divyang. You can submit any number of artworks.

  • Certificate of Participation will be generated online for all participants. All participants are requested to download their certificate. 

  • Shortlisted Artists are encouraged to talk about their art with a video or audio clipping of them explaining their art. The audio or video recording must be in his/her own voice describing the artwork. We are looking for original thoughts by the creator in this audio/video and not a text written by somebody else. Artists will be contacted separately for submission of this audio or video and detailed instructions on submission provided.

  • Participants are expected to create their own original artwork and physically courier the original artwork to enter the contest. The entry should not be a copy of another artwork. We encourage creative expression and originality of ideas. We discourage any kind of copy. If at any stage, it is revealed that the entry submitted is a copy of an existing artwork, the copied entry will not be considered for further evaluation. If we come to know about a copied artwork at a later stage, we reserve the right to cancel any award or recognition that such an artwork may have received.

  • We request all parents to allow the children to do their artwork on their own and not assist the children in any way in creating the artworks for submitting to the art contest.

  • The jury will take care of shortlisting and final evaluation of the artworks. The decision of the jury will be final and no queries or representations regarding the art contest result will be entertained.

  • Artworks will be retained by Arohana and will become the property of Arohana. Arohana will use these artworks for the purpose of exhibitions, promotions, training, research, merchandising, fundraising and for any other purpose as may be required from time to time. No payment will be made for any artwork that is sent to Arohana.

  • Participants should write their full and correct name in the contest form, as this name will appear in all certificates.

We recommend India Post

 For more details 


Entry Form

To register for the Contest & make your payment, please click on the link here

For Institution, please find the format of the Excel Sheet for easy data submission

You can drop off your packed art work at our approved drop-off locations

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